How do I place my membership on hold or cancel it?

Email to change the status of your membership. All hold requests need to be received in writing 10 days before the next payment is due.

You may put your membership on hold without a fee for reasons such as maternity leave and medical conditions only. If you need to place your membership on hold for reasons other than the ones mentioned before you will be required to pay a $30 hold fee.

All holds can be for a period of no less than 30 days and no longer than 2 months each year. If an extension is needed a note from your doctor is required and may only be extended for 2 more additional months. Holds will start and end during your regular billing cycle. You must notify Carelyn Torres in writing by emailing directly to at least 10 days prior to your billing date. Any requests received after the 10 days will not go into effect until the following month and you will still be charged for that month. If you need to cancel during your hold you must still provide a 30 day notice. Without a written notice the hold/cancellation does not exist. It is up to you, the member, to notify Carelyn.